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BoxFiT – don’t let it scare you! This class is suited to ALL fitness levels. We have older women, young fit women,  unfit women, overweight women, all different types! …. and yet it works wonderfully! You take it at your OWN PACE… doing what feels right for you. Laughter, moaning, applause, giggles and sighs of relief – all sounds you WILL hear when you come along to our BOXFiT classes! We all have a fantastic time as we train hard together in a fun and non-threatening environment.

If you have problems with your wrists, and are unable to physically punch something, there is always the option to ‘shadow box’ (or punch the air.. kind of like a Body Combat Class!)

Why not come and see what it’s like? You might surprise yourself 🙂

Monday nights 6-7pm (SCHOOL TERMS ONLY) Start date is Feb 1st.
440 Kingston Rd, Logan Central (Cnr Queens and Kingston Rd)

All fitness levels welcome.

Wear comfy workout gear, and bring a towel (to wipe away all that sweat!) and a drink bottle.

If you have your own gloves, bring them… but we do have gloves/pads available.


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2 thoughts on “FREE BOXFiT at the HOPE CENTRE”

  1. Would like to know when i would be able to start in your boxing class as i have had rotator cuff surgery in july. I am recovering well however i want to get back into shape and increase my fitness levell.

    1. Hi Barry,
      Im so sorry for the late reply – I only just came across this now! Can you please go back to your physiotherapist and have them check over your injury? They will be able to tell you if you are fit to start training again, specifically, boxing. Recovery time depends on lots of things, age being a huge factor (the rotator cuff tends to wear out as you get older). We are here to box with you whenever you get clearance from your GP or physiotherapist 🙂
      The class is very individual, so if you can’t physically punch into the pads, or hit hard, you can ‘shadow box’ and take it slowly.
      I hope this helps!

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