Kefir Grains


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Raw Hydrated Milk Kefir Grains

You will receive:
2 Tbsp of Kefir grains + detailed simple instructions and tips

These fresh, live milk kefir grains are capable of turning 500ml of milk into a delicious, all natural probiotic drink.

These grains can also be used to make COCONUT KEFIR (Other nut milks can be cultured as well)

Homemade kefir is far better for your gut than yoghurts or probiotic supplements, as it contains between 30 to 50 strains of good bacteria and yeast strains that stimulate and regulate your immune system and digestion.

Kefir has also been shown to help stabilise blood glucose levels and lower blood pressure.

It is easy to make, and the grains live for as long as you take care of them!

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I mail the grains out every Monday ONLY.

This is to prevent any delay on delivery and get the grains to you as fresh as possible. Please get them inside out of the weather as quickly as possible (THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE REFRIGERATED)
All new orders paid after 9am Monday will be scheduled for delivery on next Monday.

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