The Complete Cookbook


This is the complete collection of recipes from all my other recipes books.



All of the mini cookbooks are rolled into one, and you save money too. Bonus!

This is a cook book that came together as I transitioned into the world of Low Carb eating. I guess I class myself as Primal Paleo but Low Carb. I work with what my body likes, and this seems to be it! 🙂 Some recipes are more Paleo than others, but all use natural ingredients. Included are breakfast recipes such as Coconutty Granola, Bacon and Egg Muffins and Omelette, Main meal recipes like Pork Belly and a Magical Sweet Potato Quiche, Dessert recipes such as an insanely delicious strawberry cheesecake and of course snacks, like mixed seed crackers and a lovely ham and pineapple dip. I’ve included pictures and tips … and I hope you love it! I’m currently working on getting my new recipes (all 200 of them!!) into my latest cookbook. I’m also working on a healthy waffle cook book – so stay tuned for that one!

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