Your Brain on Paper A Focused Journalling Program


A focused journalling workbook for living well in an ever changing world.



Your Brain on Paper is a focused journalling/ expressive writing program that you can do in your own time, in the privacy of your own home. Or you could do it with a group or with a friend.

The program consists of a PDF workbook and 12 audio files.

What people are saying about this program:

I found I liked lots about the program. The opportunity to see my brain on paper! The chance to write and express thoughts, ideas, feelings and resolutions.”

“Especially like that the exercises were very focused…it helped me to pinpoint more effectively.”

“Time to reflect in a safe environment. The writing exercises provided different ways of seeing things and thinking about things.”

“Being enabled and equipped to write freely and expressively. Was very therapeutic and healing!”

“The freedom to write without sharing. The prompt questions were very useful.”

“I liked the mindfulness at the beginning of each session. I felt grounded and safe. I have noticed I am more grounded and positive since beginning the program.”

“Loved being able to write freely and be shown the benefits of writing honestly.”

Our brain is not fixed, it’s not a hard-wired machine as was thought not too long ago. It is capable of changing – neuroplasticity by definition means the brain is malleable and adaptable, capable of change. Writing is a powerful way of making this happen.

Writing down your thoughts is important because it is a way of consolidating memory and adding clarity to what you have been thinking about. It helps you better see the area that needs to be worked on by allowing you to see your conscious and unconscious thoughts in a visual way. It is almost like putting your brain on paper.

This course is an easy to follow collection of 12 mp3’s and a downloadable workbook for you to work through at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Once you purchase the course, you will be able to download the files for 90 days.


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