Since starting the Not What The Doctor Ordered program by Mimfit four months ago, I have lost 15 kilograms and no longer require medications to control my Type 2 diabetes! Amazingly my HbAic has dropped from 7.4% to 5.8% within 3 months of following NWTDO.

I was able to do this easily with the extensive guidance and support provided by both Miriam and Karen as part of this amazing lifestyle program. It really is a very well thought out and comprehensive lifestyle program, it isn’t just about what you should and shouldn’t eat! I have learnt so much through this program, all of which has been easy to integrate it into everyday family life.

As an added bonus I live local to Miriam who runs fitness classes in the area. Although I don’t get to the classes as often as I would like to, when I do I always feel energised and motivated afterwards. Her Zumba classes are so much fun.

NWTDO is giving me the resources and tools to significantly improve my health to the point where I no longer require medication to control my diabetes. My GP was amazed at my blood results and told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing. I’d recommend anyone in my situation to consider contacting Miriam, I’m so glad I did!


Hi Miriam, I’ve started attending the Zumba and pilates classes 2 weeks ago and I’d like to share with you my story.

2 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer in my spine (tumours from T5 to T10) and I had 2 surgeries (first to put screws in my spine in order to give me more support after and the other one to catch some other little bastards (tumours) in my abdomen) followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Since I finished my treatment (a year ago) I found myself very unfit as I gained a lot of weigh during treatment and there wasn’t a day that I didn’t have any pain in my back. I wouldn’t go more than a couple of days without having a painkiller. The only exercise I was doing was walking (rarely) and physiotherapy.

When I first came to see you, it was only for the Pilates because I never could imagine myself doing Zumba as I considered myself too unfit and weak for this; and also I was scared because of my spine. But when I arrived there and saw all the ladies dancing, and even Tess sitting on the ball, and the electric atmosphere, and everybody so happy and active I felt embarrassed of myself… because I realised that I was the one putting up barriers and making excuses just because I was scared.

Anyway, making the story short, I know it is still too early to say but since I started attending the classes I have not taken any painkillers and my back doesn’t hurt anymore! (I was used to the pain now so not having any pain is different and incredibly amazing). Believe or not I am feeling so much better. I sleep better, I feel more energetic and the best of everything: I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!! Thank you for the job you do. It changes lives. God bless you, your family and all the lovely ladies from our class. xox P.S. – I also cancelled my physiotherapy hehehe (too boring)!!!


Miriam is certainly one of the top fitness and health professionals around.

Her passion and dedication show through in all of her work, from nutrition advice and 12 week challenges to exercise and group classes. She has helped me achieve more than I had ever thought possible and has always helped give me the confidence to pursue more and expand my horizons.

The approachability she has to ask for advice and guidance is remarkable and she has a surprising amount of patience while she’s at it!


Mim’s Zumba Gold classes are maximum fun and the best workout. It is hard to believe that we are working out while we are having this much fun! The routines flow and the music just makes you want to shake it. Mim’s instruction is A1, her experience is evident and her humour keeps us laughing through the class. She’s inspiring.

If you’re looking for a good time, great music and a fun workout, you’ve got it with MiMFiT! Try a class; you’ll never look back.


I truly believe Not What the Dr Ordered has been designed by Miriam, to affirm her belief that a healthy mind & body is a life changing procedure, and is needed in this day & age.

The depths that the NWTDO team, have gone to gather information, is mind blowing. For me personally, this program has come at just the right time.  I would encourage everyone to enquire and then do it!

It is not a weight loss based program, it is an attitude-changing program, one that is long overdue and where weight loss is simply a side effect (a wonderful side effect!)!  Just look at the number of our young children who are being diagnosed with diabetes, obesity and ADHD all which can be the results of the wrong type of diet.  This is where NWTDO can help change our habits.

The advertising & promotion of certain grains & sugars by health authorities needs to be addressed. This is where NWTDO comes into play big time – it helps guide us in the right direction when it comes to nutrition, changing mindset & fitness; all which are needed to acquire a healthy eating attitude


Thanks very much Mim for all your help and assistance with the right exercise advise for the goals I have been looking to reach. Your dietary tips are brilliant & really got me on the right road to a healthier lifestyle with LCHF, I just cannot help but share with others looking to make real changes in their own life. Your ability to find the right supplements & organic foods makes life very easy. The biggest + is, you make yourself accessible just about any time of the day with a response & help.

Thanks again for everything


Just a few months ago I was hitting rock bottom and was in a PRETTY bad way. Karen, who is my counselor/psychotherapist, introduced me to this amazing new program, ‘Not What the Dr. Ordered’ that she has developed with her daughter Miriam. Miriam rang me and I knew I needed to give it a go.

I haven’t looked back since! The program is super easy to follow and has everything including mindfulness/mindset, which I believe is so much more in depth than any program I’ve ever tried before.  The best part of NWTDO is that it runs for a solid 12 months! There is no way you can’t form good lifelong habits if you stick to the program. The program covers nutrition and exercise too – I love to exercise so I’m really excited about that part. My new mindset has amazed me and my overall well being is now 100% better.

I cannot believe how badly what I was eating was effecting my moods, my tiredness, my sleep, my everything! Every day I’m feeling happier, healthier, and I’m constantly full from all the good food we’re eating. I am now starting to notice the changes in my body and we’re only two weeks into the eating program! I love how we have everything online to follow, and that we can go back to it if we need to. Even though we have online videos, we also have webinars weekly, which means one on one contact with Miriam & Karen. Along with this and the facebook page we are always held accountable!

When I first started, I followed the program, watched and learned, and in just two weeks from when we changed what we ate, I lost nearly 25cm off my overall body and 7 kilos!!!! I am really looking forward to my new life-style giving me more and more confidence as the year progresses. Confidence that will last not just for the 12 months but I’m truly confident it will last a lifetime.


I have loved Zumba since it was first released in Australia on DVD. I have done many classes over the years with different instructors; but with MiM I have found the best! I feel like I have had a workout but have had so much fun doing it. It is suitable for all fitness levels and all coordination levels (!) as you take it at your own pace. I also do Pilates with MiMFiT, which I have found that I am stronger which is great.

I recommend these classes to anyone who wants to get fit and have fun with a great group of people


I love Friday’s Zumba Gold class so much. I really look forward to my Fridays – it’s the best day of the week! I just love it. I have so many friends here. It keeps you healthy, it keeps you alive, it keeps you young. I don’t feel 82. I don’t think about it. I love the moves and the music. I don’t always get all the steps right, but I do what I can and I just love it


Two words. Life changing!

Through working with Miriam and implementing a complete lifestyle overhaul under her supervision, I have not only achieved the body I always dreamt of, but I have a quality of life that cannot be expressed with words alone. I am energetic, happy and have a mental clarity and focus that must be experienced to be believed. I’m so very grateful to have met her as my entire life changed as a result (for the better!). I get to eat delicious(!!!) food, I don’t ever feel hungry or bored with what I eat and I don’t need to run for hours on a treadmill to maintain my (now) slim figure.

I would recommend MiMFiT to everyone and anyone who will listen to me…I honestly wish everyone could experience the amazing feeling this lifestyle delivers and if you don’t feel amazing, do yourself a favour and have a chat with Miriam today! I guarantee that you won’t regret it!


Miriam! What would the Zumba girls in your classes do without you!

You are magical with your infectious antics all designed to encourage and support us as you guide us into becoming fitter, healthier and ultimately happier!! Your commitment to a healthier world is truly admirable.

Your beautiful nature and caring attitude makes you a person one is very privileged to exercise with and to know.


I attended Miriam’s Zumba and Yogalates (Pilates and Yoga combined) classes for at least 2 years. She’s so down to earth and so so fit!! She’s a machine! She’s very connected with the people in the class, always making you feel welcome and I always had fun


I first met Miriam at Ontic Springwood (now known as Go Health). Her group classes always fun – she is very bubbly and motivating, I was always looking forward to the next ones. I truly enjoyed her group classes and used to go two times a week regularly until unfortunately my work schedule changed. I’m so glad we still keep in touch because she is just simply amazing!


Miriam’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition is why she is an outstanding trainer. She is positive, friendly and encouraging. The results I have achieved over the last year are due to Miriam’s great programs and advice.


I started training with Miriam around 3 years ago after studying health psychology and learning about the role of lifestyle in disease prevention. She has tireless energy, a wealth of knowledge and experience and is truly dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals. About 6 months after I started training with Miriam I developed severe asthma that didn’t respond to conventional treatment and not long after that I was diagnosed with an as-yet unidentified autoimmune connective tissue disease. I’m still undergoing further testing and Miriam has been a huge support for me following my diagnosis. She has also dedicated many hours of her own time to researching autoimmune diseases and their management. In January 2015 Miriam suggested that I trial a low carb, high fat way of eating and since then my asthma has significantly improved. My autoimmune symptoms change often but Miriam has been incredibly flexible and able to adapt our training sessions as required. I’ve recently had to take a break while I undergo a tailored physical therapy program for nerve irritation in my neck however I cannot recommend Miriam highly enough and can’t wait to start training with her again soon!


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