Choice and Perspective

Choice. Perspective. Life is what you make it, or how you choose to see it.


From the outside, my life looks pretty wonderful. I know this! I mean geez, that’s me on the Great Barrier Reef. How absolutely AWESOME is that?!

I have travelled the world; I grew up in South America; I’ve lived in many different places around Australia; I’ve settled in the most beautiful part (South East QLD) of the most beautiful state (QLD) of the most beautiful country (Australia) in the world; I have great kids; amazing supportive parents; the most adorable puppy; we go camping in our new caravan all the time, traveling and exploring; I love my job (like really LOVE it) and my hair is finally growing again (Ok, so that last one might not be as important to everyone else as it is to me … but still, I thought I’d add it in there!).

On the inside, it’s been a different story. I have had to draw on my inner strength and hold my head high while my life has been in turmoil on and off for years. I won’t go into detail, but it has been marred by domestic violence, divorce, betrayal, death, distance from loved ones, loneliness, injury and more.

Why am I sharing this? Because life is what you make it. It really is. I could have let myself spiral into a world of depression and anxiety as I focused on all the negative things that have happened and continue to happen to me. But I refuse. I refuse to succumb to a life like that!

I choose life, happiness, positivity, health, vitality, sunshine, warmth, freedom and love.

And you can too. If you don’t like something, change it! Or take steps towards changing it.

If you feel stuck, GREAT! That’s the perfect signal that it’s time to move forward.

I felt stuck in Tasmania (as much as I love it there, I just couldn’t stay). So I worked hard to save enough money to support us while I looked for work, packed the kids into the car and we drove up to QLD. No concrete plans, we just stayed with a friend until we figured out where we wanted to settle.

I was trapped in a terrible marriage. It took a while, but eventually I got out.

Travelling is what we love – so we scrimped and saved and built a camper trailer, that we sold and upgraded to a small caravan, that we sold and now bought a big beautiful caravan. We don’t go overseas or pay for accommodation. We don’t drink or eat out much. We load up the van and disappear for a weekend or a week. It’s what we love, so we have made it happen.

I had no close friends, not with all my moving about. But I found someone (or she found me!) and we clicked – so in amongst my crazy busy schedule, I made time for her, and she made time for me. And now, she is the best friend I have ever had. She is my support and someone who brings happiness to my life every single day.

I didn’t enjoy working for other people that dictated my time, my hours, my holidays, how often I could see my kids. So I studied and worked 2 or 3 jobs at a time until I built MiMFiT up enough so that I didn’t have to work for anyone else. (And it’s still growing as I create more and more freedom for my and my family). My job is amazing! I get to support, encourage, inspire, teach, exercise and dance with some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. These people bring sunshine to my life whenever I see them and have become like family.

My point is this. If you want something, make it happen. No one else is going to do it for you. Every single day set your intention; do something that your future self will thank you for.

Life is there to be lived. So live it the way YOU want to!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.27.27 am

 That’s me sandboarding down the HUGE dunes on Moreton Island. The caption is appropriate – right after this photo, I nose dived and inhaled so much sand I was vomiting sand! Haha.. still, it was great fun, and yes, I’d even do it again!