Eat More. Exercise Less. Lose Fat. Feel Better.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this picture before …. what a skinny butt looks like next to a ‘fit’ butt.

Did you know that statistically, you are more likely to be able to quit smoking without any help whatsoever, than you are to achieve your long term health fitness goals using the methods and techniques that I was taught as a personal trainer, and that we hear about every single day?

“Eat less, exercise more” is what we used to preach. As a PT back in they gym I used to work at (in the ‘olden days’) I used to hold the ‘Vomit Olympics’. I made 42 people spew in my last year as a PT – I was proud of that! I pushed my clients out of their comfort zone and into … blah blah blah.

“Count your calories! If you eat bad food, just go for an extra run/workout” … You’ve all heard it! It’s plain WRONG.

Did you know that you can work out for 10-20 minutes, once or twice per week and get a far better result than slogging it out for 5+ hours every week?

Do you know what types of exercise you should do? Do you know how to do it? Do you know what happens every time you go for a run? (I’ll give you a tip – it’s NOT GOOD for you at all!) How many rest days do you have? What does a ‘rest day’ mean for you?

Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always had.

Do you know how many times I walked into the same gym (for years) and would see the same women doing the same exercises, looking exactly the same. There were definitely no goals being met there!

Exercise isn’t essential for weight loss, but unless you want to look all saggy, it’s a super important part of the journey.

It has sooo many benefits (mental/health/physical), that if you don’t do it, I think you must be a little crazy!

Exercising is great for strong bones, joint health, balance and strength, shaping muscles and firming them up, it makes us feel good (endorphins), helps us sleep better, reduces stress levels, helps with depression and anxiety, it is also crucial for a healthy cardiovascular system and much more.

How many of us want to have joint pain and stiff joints, back pain (and injury), no balance, poor reaction time (leading to a greater likelihood of a fall), and a big one – who on earth wants to wet their pants or poop themselves??

These things (and more) can all be helped by exercise – the RIGHT TYPES of exercise. The wrong type of exercise can have the opposite effect (sometimes even resulting in weight gain).

Recommendations vary from person to person, and if you would like me to do up a plan for you, just let me know. I charge $120 for an 8 week personalised plan – no gym necessary. I’ll even include a few videos for you to follow.

I have been helping people regain their health since 1996, so I’ve learned a few tips along the way! I even spent last year working alongside the Brisbane Roar A-League Soccer team as their yoga instructor.

I am here to help, all you have to do is commit to this 8 week plan. What have you got to lose? A saggy butt maybe? 😛

Inbox me if you are ready to do this for real!