How to Brew Kombucha ebook

Tired of buying expensive bottles of kombucha at the shops? Would you like to make your own but have no idea where to start? Are you scared you might get it wrong and have no one to help up you? Be afraid no more! I am here to help .. and along with this wonderful little e-book, you get email support from me while you begin your journey.

My brand new  e-book How to Brew kombucha is now available for purchase! Jump over to and grab your copy now!

  • Save LOTS of money by not having to buy from the store anymore
  • Become confident enough to brew your own
  • Learn from clear, step by step instructions
  • Learn how to sucessfully brew and flavour your own kombucha
  • Learn what you can use extra SCOBY’s for
  • Learn what a SCOBY is and why it’s so good for you.
  • FAQ’s (lots of them!)
  • Email Support
  • Video Tutorials

Brewing the Booch Doesn’t Have to be Scary.

I’m going to make it as simple as humanly possible. It’s NOT THAT HARD! Really. So, if you know a bit about kombucha and are already brewing, then this book is NOT for you. If you are a COMPLETE BEGINNER, this was created JUST FOR YOU!


What You Get in the How To Brew Kombucha e-book

  • Simple instructions for your first fermentation process
  • Simple instructions for your second fermentation process
  • A page-full of kombucha flavourings
  • Kombucha Recipes (including boochi bears, kombucha bone broth, kombucha kocktails and kombucha vinegar)
  • Tips on how to use kombucha in other ways
  • FAQ’S
  • A fool-proof guide to becoming a kombucha master!

This is not a printed book – it is an e-book and as such, will be delivered in PDF format. When you purchase your copy, you’ll receive an email with the link to download the file.

As this e-book is distributed in electronic form, it’s not possible to accept returns.

While kombucha doesn’t ‘cure’ anything exactly, it has certainly been proclaimed to do some seriously amazing things to your body! It works really well to help detoxify the body and to bring the immune system back into balance so that the body is able to heal itself.

Did you know that in one study, green tea kombucha was found to prevent weight gain and improve weight loss in diabetic rats? Many people state that kombucha helps to alleviate their cravings, reduces their appetite and improve their digestion. All of these mean better nutrient absorption and quite possibly weight loss. Awesome!

I have even heard it said that some people find their body odour to become far less ‘offensive’ when drinking kombucha. As someone who lives in fitness gear and works out everyday in a tropical climate, I’m all for reduced body odour!

Kombucha can also be used for much more than just drinking. You won’t believe what it can be used for!

SCOBY’s, which are absolutely the most fascinating creatures, do far more than simply look amazing on your bench while turning tea and sugar into kombucha. They can be used as a sterile covering for wounds and other sites of inflammation and have even been know to cure cold-sores (mine included!). They make fabulous face-masks as the nanofibres nourish the skin and support it’s own natural healing abilites. There are many emmerging beauty products that contain kombucha tea or SCOBY as an ingredient. SCOBY’s can be turned into jerky by marinating and dehydrating, and can even be used as a meat or mushroom substitute! In the e-book, we’ll get right into what you can do with your SCOBY’s!

In this book I run through everything you will need and how to set it all up. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite simple – it’s the ‘getting the hang of it’ part that’s not so simple! And that’s where this little book comes in very handy. It also comes with me .. yep – if you get stuck anywhere in the process, let me know and I’ll guide you through.

Continuous brewing is the easiest, fastest, healthiest, tastiest and safest way to brew your own kombucha. It also takes a lot less time than batch brewing. It’s my preferred method.


The process simplified:

1. Make a large batch of kombucha in a large brewing vessel with a spigot (tap).
2. When it tastes how you like it, harvest (drain) 2/3 of the brew through the spigot.
3. Add more sweet tea straight away to keep the process going.
4. With a large amount of the mature kombucha left in the vessel as starter liquid, the
SCOBY converts the sugar in the top-up tea quickly enough that another portion may be
harvested in 2-5 days.

For all the ‘how to’s’, tips, advice, and to start creating your own magical kombucha,

grab your copy of my new mini e-book! Now 🙂