Plan Yourself Healthy

It’s Friday! Yay!! Have you planned for the weekend?

Is it a prep weekend for you? Or do you prep during the week, meaning your weekends are covered (meal-wise).

What exercises have you scheduled in? Bike riding, swimming, gym, fitness classes … or are these your rest days where you simply go for a walk or do some stretching?

I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that weekends happen EVERY WEEK! (a light-bulb moment I’m sure) … and that if you don’t plan for them … they disappear bringing with them an unplanned week and perhaps even a bit of guilt that you wasted precious time with which you could have done something far more productive.

Our time is precious – I can’t believe my kids are now 21 and nearly 12 … I’m getting older (much older – I have a few grey hairs peeking through – oh the horror!!!) We MUST make the most of each and every moment.

Rest time is CRUCIAL!! Sleep is CRUCIAL! Exercise is CRUCIAL! Eating the right foods is CRUCIAL! Family is CRUCIAL! Friends are CRUCIAL!

Hmmmm ….. rest, sleep, exercise, eating well, family, friends … so much to find time for – so let’s start planning TODAY and make the most of every moment we have been blessed with.

How can we do this? Well, firstly we need to understand that we need to take the time. Once we’ve made that decision – we can let the fun begin!

Grab a (BIG) piece of paper (or small notepad) and a pen.

List what you need to work on (something like this):

  • Me time (fitness, health, ‘downtime’, mindfulness)
  • Food time (menu planning, shopping and meal prep – this can include trolling the internet for recipes you might like to try) – You might find this blog post helpful
  • Family time (partner/kids/parents etc)
  • Study time (WHAT?!?) This is the time you spend researching what is healthy and what isn’t. For some of you, it’s your ‘homework’ from our 8 Week Challenge or Not What the Dr. Ordered programs, for others it might be reading the latest book on diabetes, maybe it’s researching how what you eat impacts your depression and anxiety, research cholesterol if you are worried about yours, what supplements you might need to reduce inflammation in the body – you get the picture …

Now … we need another list.

    What exercise/fitness things you are doing and what days – yoga, pilates, stretching, walking, biking, gym, weights, walking the dog, fitness classes etc.

And another list:

  • Health – Have your levels tested by a naturopath (magnesium, pottasium, vitamin D, vitamin C etc.) and supplements sorted (let me know if you need help with this!); make sure you have any intolerances tested (naturopath); see to that that painful neck/back/knee (there are ways to fix, or at least make most things better); stretch;  breathe deeply; work on reducing inflammation in your body (you can have this checked by a naturopath as well).

More lists? Yup!

  • Downtime – make a list of what you can do for YOU that is relaxing and makes you feel good. I like to lie in my pool for 30-45 minutes and watch the clouds or read my book EVERY DAY in the warmer months, in the cooler months, baths by candlelight are my go-to ‘downtime’ favourite; massages; gardening; lying in the hammock; reading a book; having a mindful cup of tea; spending time with your pet; naps … pick your top ones and add them to the list!
  • Mindfulness – use this whenever you feel overwhelmed, anxious, tired, cranky, moody, stressed, sad … just stop, recognise your feelings, take a few deeps breaths and calmly acknowledge and accept your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Try it in the shower, when you’re are out in the fresh air – how about next time you eat? Mindfulness isn’t reserved only for negative feelings or situations. Mindful eating is about developing awareness of your experiences, physical cues and feelings about food. Mindfulness can help with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, cravings, food-related behaviours.

NOW GRAB A CALENDAR/DIARY AND SCHEDULE IT ALL IN! (except the mindfulness – that you will use as necessary).

Add whatever you are adding and COMMIT to it!

If you schedule BOXFIT on Monday night between 6-7pm – that’s where you are going to be. Friday night is menu planning and Saturday morning is market day with Saturday afternoon being meal prep time? … that’s what you are going to do. If something else crops up? Too bad – you are BUSY! (Within reason of course).

If you don’t schedule it in and make it happen – do you think it will happen? Has it happened before? Why will it happen in the future? (answer honestly).

Try it. Planning is AMAZING! And if you need help being held accountable? Find a buddy that you trust – and see if you can work together to become the best versions of yourself that you can possibly be.

Be real about your commitment to your health and wellbeing.  If you’ve been toying with ‘getting helathy’ for a while now, go ahead and make a clear decision, take it seriously, and set things up to make it really happen.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the above – I’d love to help you!

Happy Friday – now go grab that pen and paper …!