Winter Motivation

Yesterday morning it was cold. Very cold! I’m living in ‘tropical  Brisbane’, so I know there are many who will laugh when I say it’s cold!  But for me, well, it is. I’m a sook! I moved to QLD from Tasmania becase it was so darned cold, and it made me cranky. Lol.

When I lived in Hobart (Glenorchy to be exact, at the base of Mt Wellington and often with a view of the snow-capped mountain out my bedroom window), I used to walk to the gym every day with my thermals on (triple layers!), gloves, beanie and scarfe muttering under my breath the whole way ‘I’m moving to QLD!’. And one day I just did it. I packed up the 2 kids and our entire life and we jumped on the Spirit of Tasmania and we haven’t looked back since!

But, well, enough about that! In winter I often have a heat pack around my neck and leg warmers on … and I very much look forward to 9:30 when Zumba kicks off as I know I’ll be warm in no time! I teach Zumba 4 mornings a week … and I love it 🙂

What upsets me is when I turn up to class, and I see many people who are regulars, become, well not-so-regular when the temperature drops.

Many people choose to stay in bed on these cold winter mornings, but the results of getting up and getting moving far outweigh the warmth of bed (OK .. so this might take a bit of convincing. I must admit, on some mornings I would rather stay in bed!) Buuutttt … lucky for me, exercise is my job, so I don’t have the option of staying in bed!

Once you get to where you are meant to be (a walk on the beach, boot camp, a Zumba class, walking the dog or meeting a friend for a yoga class) you will feel 100x better.

Trust me on this one – don’t let the cold put you off … don’t convince yourself that you’ll be better off at home in front of the heater (or roaring fire place if you are lucky!). That will be waiting for you AFTER!

Don’t put it off .. get up, get dressed and GET MOVING!

The hardest part of ‘mornings’ is simply getting out of the house. Visualise yourself already there, doing what you should be doing, feeling those endorphins pumping through your body and how amazing you know you are going to feel after. Lay your clothes out the night before, pack your gym back the night before, PREPARE! One of my clients even suggested sleeping in your gym clothes! Whatever it takes to get you there. And then go ahead and make it happen

Remember, motivation is what gets you going, but habit is what keeps you going.