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MiMFiT has been running since 1997 and offers free and low cost fitness classes in the Logan area.

Zumba Fitness
Zumba Gold
Gentle Pilates
Personal Training

Everyone is welcome to our classes including those who are unfit, overweight, uncoordinated or who have a disablilty. We even have people joining in from their wheelchairs! Those who love to dance and are good at it, and those who are fit are of course welcome as well 🙂


Zumba 9:30am Tuesday, Killara (Logan Reserve)
Pilates10:15am Tuesday, Killara (Logan Reserve)
Zumba/Boxfit 5:30pm , Killara (Logan Reserve)

Other Classes:

Zumba Gold 9:00am Monday, Eagleby ($8)
Pilates 10:30am Monday, Eagleby ($5)
Zumba 5:30pm Monday, Kingston ($5)
Pilates 6:15 Monday, Kingston ($5)
Zumba Gold 9:00am Wednesday, Eagleby ($5)
Zumba Gold 9:00am Friday, Logan Central ($5)

Personal training and nutrition/wellness coaching is also available on request.

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16 hours ago


Join me for Zumba Gold tomorrow and every Friday at the Logan Central Community Center. 💃

We kick off at 9:00 with a special extra half hour of dancing and learning the moves ($2)
and then we move into 45 minutes of Gold magic followed by 15 minutes of a higher intensity Zumba Fitness session ($5)

All are welcome (we have special needs and people in wheelchairs) and we don’t care how fit or unfit you are, or how coordinated you are. 😁

We all have a great time laughing and dancing to some awesome tunes. 👌🏼

No booking is necessary ... I’d love to see you there! ♥️
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Meet the MimFit Team

Miriam Mace

Miriam Mace

Miriam has an insatiable drive for changing lives and has been working in the health and fitness industry since she was  16. After working in many different health and fitness facilities across Australia, she decided that working for large corporations was not for her, and  branched out training clients privately.

Miriam wanted to empower people to actually change their lives and behaviours as opposed to simply putting them through a workout once a week. Miriam prides herself on helping people reverse their lifestyle related illnesses and regain their health and vitality.

She has spent many years researching what works and what doesn’t, and many of her methods are the opposite of what most people are teaching their clients/patients to follow.

While she continues to hold group classes every week, all clients are encouraged to approach their health and weight loss goals by taking a holistic approach which includes mindset as well as fitness and nutrition.

Miriam is a qualified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach and has been working in the industry since 1997.

Karen Mace

Karen Mace

Karen Mace is the principal of Healing Place and is a Registered Nurse, Teacher and Registered Counselor. As well as being a Writing Therapist and offering Therapeutic Writing (Writing for Health and Wholeness), Karen is a Published Author, Spiritual Mentor, Counselor, Motivational Speaker and Life/Career Coach.

Karen plays an integral part in our programs. Creating new neural pathways and changing mind-set is the only way you can  successfully implement the complete lifestyle overhaul needed in order to be truly happy and healthy within yourself.

Karen is also available for individual consultations. You will find her details in the ‘contact’ section.

Momo Lewis

Momo Lewis

Momo is a dynamic Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Leader with a passion for helping others. Having had amazing success herself with LCHF nutrition and fitness, Morgan is truly inspiring. She is a brilliant Japanese high school teacher and is mum to 4 fur babies; Riley the Great Dane, and Evie. Sensei and Khaleesi, 3 adorable kitty cats.

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