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Nothing makes me more upset than seeing people who think they are doing the right thing, trying to be the healthiest version of themselves that they can be, following all the advice they have been given, only to discover that they are following the wrong advice!

I hear this time and time again. It’s my job to uncover why people are getting sick, or keep getting sicker, or just can’t seem to shake whatever health problem they might be facing.

And time and time again, I hear heartbreaking stories. Like one of my dear ladies that comes to my Zumba classes has a daughter with diabetes. She has been told to INCREASE her carbohydrate intake. Another wonderful client of mine has friends with cancer. After surgery and treatment, not a word is spoken about what they should or shouldn’t eat to increase their chances of survival. Not a single word!

Cancer patients are sitting in hospital beds eating white bread with margarine and sugary custard, and having sugar heaped into their tea. It’s just devastating to see.

Drinking coke and eating junk food and lollies – most people are aware of the health risks associated with eating these foods (or at least most know that these foods aren’t good for them).

nutritionObese children. CHILDREN! Don’t get me started on this topic! Shame on parents who feed their children junk food and soft drinks. Those precious little babies stand no chance! Their likelihood of becoming overweight or obese adults just skyrocketed. When did it skyrocket? While that helpless baby was still in it’s mum’s tummy.

Some foods are obviously not good for us.  But what about the ‘healthy’ foods? Low-fat yoghurt, low-fat dairy, fruit snacks, sultanas, apple juice, muesli bars? What about them? In my eyes, hidden sugars are worse than the ones that are out there parading their sexy, bikini-clad soft drinking bodies around in front of us convincing us that we will be as sexy as they are if we twist the top off that next bottle of soft drink. If you haven’t seen ‘That Sugar Film’ I highly recommend you watch it. It uncovers some disturbing truths about what can happen to the human body by following the recommended ‘healthy diet’.

When it comes to nutrition, it is extremely important that you grasp the concept of having been lied to, and the effects it has had on not only you, me and our immediate families, but on every single person who has tried to do the right thing by following’ official’ advice.

  • In order for you to live a healthy, happy and healthy life, you really need to take responsibility and be aware that no one can really be trusted. It is up to you, and only you, to go and do your own research.
  • Don’t believe what you are told … even if the person or corporation appears to have your best interests at heart. Even with what I share with you…. Go and do your own research, find credible sources, studies and reports and learn how to interpret the results, or find someone who can.


  1. (Healthy) Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat or increase your risk for heart disease – it is wonderful for you!
  2. Sugar and starchy carbs make you fat and contribute to heart disease
  3. Replacing saturated fat with linoleic acids (margarine and vegetable oils) increases mortality risks
  4. You can’t trust everything you hear, see or read and you must do your own investigating.

The way we eat is not a low-fat diet, or a high-protein diet; in fact, it’s not a diet at all!

It is a complete lifestyle overhaul that includes a low carbohydrate, medium protein and high fat way of eating. We eliminating processed foods and replacing them with whole, natural foods. J.E.R.F. (Just Eat Real Food).

By avoiding refined carbohydrates that are full of hidden sugars and starches we can will reduce blood glucose spikes and move closer towards our health related goals.

Many people are intolerant to wheat and don’t even realize it. Many people are consuming far more sugar than they think they are, and many people are eating foods that are making them sick, thinking that they are eating ‘health food’.

Hormones are out of kilter and bodies are fighting hard to hold on to all that fat that needs to be lost.

Most people understand that changes must be made, but they struggle with temptation, cravings, not knowing what foods to eat, how to cook, how much exercise and the types of exercise to do. With so much conflicting information out there, I don’t blame them! Who knows where to start? I do! And it’s RIGHT HERE.


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Get in contact with us today and let us show you how YOU can experience the amazing life-giving benefits of eating this way. We also have a wonderful e-book ‘Nutrition 101’ that can help set you on the right path.

Don’t wait. Your future health depends on it.