Down Time

Do you ever feel as though maybe you’ve said ‘yes’ too many times? You get a little excited and take on more than you can handle, or maybe you just can’t say no. And because of this, you end up overworked, overwhelmed and like you might just not be able to cope?

Overwhelm can sneak up you…. one minute you feel fine, and the next … BAM! Just one small thing being added to your already overflowing list of things to do and you completely shut down.

This happened to me recently. I was building my 12-month program, running my 10 weekly fitness classes and putting together choreography for those classes, running PT sessions, creating new recipes, writing my e-recipe books, building 2 websites,  being a mum to 4 kids, and a partner, and running a (super-clean) household. I was already working 18+ hour days; and then I agreed to work with a large business to develop a 12 week program with exercise plans (and videos), menus, recipes and shopping lists…. I was totally overwhelmed.
I was working through the night most nights and then getting up and doing my daytime work.
When I found time to shut off, I was still thinking about work and the only thing I wanted to do was not think about work.

Does this sound familiar at all? Do you shut off with TV and maybe food? What is your ‘go-to’ way of ‘switching off’?

When we add too much to our ‘plate’ … we need to be careful to not only manage our time wisely and schedule our workload efficiently, but we also need to schedule in our ‘down time’. Time that is not just ‘ours’ but that benefits our own healing and restoration. Time set aside for US; Not the family, or the kids. Us. Rest time, relaxation time – ‘down time’.

And while it’s great to do high energy things or Yang activities, in ‘our time’ (I love mountain biking!), we must also do things that are calming and bring us energy; Yin activities.

What are some things you can do that helps you to de-stress, regenerate, and get back to your healthy, happy, ‘I can do this!’ Self again?

Here are a few things I do that help me:

Yoga and Deep Breathing
Laying on my lilo in the pool and watching the clouds
Taking a warm bath and listening to relaxing music ( I take a magnesium chloride and bentonite clay bath at least 3 nights a week)
Self-massage (I do this every night before bed)
Regular massage
Afternoon naps
Keeping my diet really clean
Playing with my dog Sprocket
Sitting in my yard, or the park and listening to nature
Get an adequate intake of Vitamin D – sunlight is best but supplements will do in the colder states
Being kind and compassionate to myself and understanding that I’m not Wonder Woman!
Knowing that I’m human. I’m good at some things and not so good at others.
Knowing that I am more than just my work!

Please comment and let me know what you do (or would like to start doing) in your ‘down time’. I’d love to know!

And on that note, I hope your weekand upcoming weekend is balanced….with time for yin and yang activities, time for family and friends and time set aside just for YOU!