How do You Respond?

So… I’m sure by now you have been asked ‘those questions…’ Are you doing that crazy low carb high fat thing?’ or ‘Oil pulling, natural deodorant and detox baths? Are you turning into a hippie?’
So, how do you respond to these kinds of questions without going a little bit crazy?
I’ve been doing my ‘job’ for many many years now, and I know that when I get invited to people’s houses for BBQ’s or dinner, that they stress BIG TIME about what food and drinks they serve, their lack of exercise, or large quantities of processed foods in the pantry.
I really hate this, but, I’ve come to the realisation that whenever I’m around, people are intimidated, or feel the need to either explain themselves or prove themselves right. It’s just part and parcel of my job.
When I casually bump into someone at the local mall and they are eating something, they feel compelled to tell me what it is and why they chose it, or why they haven’t been to training lately.
And within a minute or so, I can tell if that person wants my input, couldn’t care less about my input, disagrees with me and will stay quiet, disagrees with me and wants to argue, or is on the same page as me and wants to talk about it.
I have learned to read people very well. And you will too! This will determine which approach you take to answering these questions, sharing about what you love, and just talking to people in general about what you are doing.
Here are a few ways that I like to go about it.
1) Keep your answer succinct.’I cleaned up my diet and lifestyle, and I feel fantastic’ should be enough. Then, either change the subject or walk away. If someone’s trying to provoke you, arguing will only egg them on.
2) Don’t preach at them! I know, I know. You are soo excited about everything. Your food, your detox methods, your exercise…. everything! And you just want to tell everybody and get them to try it too. But people can quickly get defensive if you start telling them why their diet is wrong and yours is great. If they ask what’s so great about this “crazy” diet you’re still on, or this ‘wacko health regime’, just tell them how it’s made you feel. Don’t harp on about why what you’re doing is better than what they’re doing.
3) Point them in the right direction. If the conversation becomes one where they are genuinely interested and want to learn more, point out your favourite websites, books and/or podcasts. I generally tell people about Christine Cronau’s books as a good starting point. Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb is a great podcast/website too. I also have a few documents on hand that I have done up to give to people if they are genuinely interested.
4.) Don’t say anything. Some people just aren’t worth it. Don’t even mention it. You’ll find out who these people are quickly enough!
So I hope that’s helped you out in some way…. and if you haven’t had those questions thrown at you yet, at least you will be prepared for when you do, because trust me, they will be thrown at you sooner or later!