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Online Writing Courses

We believe that if you’re not in a good place mentally, that the rest of your world can easily become one that is reigned by chaos.

Click here to see what courses we have available online right now!

Karen Mace, whose story you can read here, is the principal of Healing Place and is a Registered Nurse, Psychotherapist, Teacher and Registered Counsellor. She works in partnership with Miriam at MiMFiT to help develop and deliver world class programs including our life changing 12 month comprehensive program Not What The Dr Ordered. Read more here:

As well as owning and running Healing Place in Grindelwald, Tasmania, Karen is in the process of developing these programs in an online format, enabling you to participate from the comfort of your own home. These are the same courses that she offers in person at Healing Place. See Karen’s website here.

As well as being a writing therapist and offering Expressive Writing ( See Your Brain on Paper Program) Karen is a writer, spiritual mentor, counsellor, motivational speaker and life/career coach.

See Karen’s profile on Ministry Insights.

Why not contact Karen to see how she can help you to grow spiritually, emotionally and psychologically to be the person you are meant to be? Karen is able to meet with you via Skype if necessary.

Click here to see what courses are currently available online.

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I purchased the downloadable course Your Brain on Paper with its workbook and audio files a little while ago. I was in a state of confusion and stagnation at the time and desperate for help. Living in a remote area of this country means that its not easy to run to friends or professionals for help.

Five years ago, we sold our old home full of memories and left the “big city” to realise a long-term dream of setting up a permaculture farm on land we previously purchased. The dream didn’t turn out as planned. We experienced family (parental and sibling) disapproval that resulted in complete relational breakdown and rejection. I became injured and could no longer work in my beloved bush hospital. Menopause hit me hard. The farm setup took longer than planned and far more funds than we set aside. The weather got me down. I was heartbroken and disappointed. My friends were hundreds of kilometres away and I was stuck. Unable to hold my chin up and move forward in face of the knocks, was rising late, eating too much, drinking too much and letting things slide. Joy and purpose were replaced with confusion and despair. My husband was a rock of support but there were issues he could not speak into no matter how hard he tried.

I must admit to starting the course with skepticism but found it to be flexible and extremely helpful. It took half a day to go through the workbook and work out what parts I should do first. (My advice is to use discernment here – you will know what works for you). I took my time with it and have found reward for the effort of every few days going back into it and continually working on opening up memories and emotions. I have filled a lecture pad of writings that show a journey of pain but also of healing and promise of more to come. Still not yet finished but am very close. There is now a sense of hope that hasn’t been mine for at least three years. I have been able to say goodbye peaceably to much that I lost on this journey and am now ready to embrace my new life and its landscape.

I can now say with joy – “It’s not over!” Rising early and greeting each new day with hope and anticipation instead of pain and regret. Am enjoying music and reading again. The land is a place not to hate but to gently understand and work with – albeit slower and with more sensitivity. I guess that’s it – moving forward gently, handling this new season of my life, changing “ocean tides” with grace and humour instead of tears.

I recommend this course to anyone who needs to get out of a “stuck” place. I would not be here with hope in my heart again if I hadn’t done this. Anyone who needs hope in a dark place – give this a try. Don’t turn away from difficulties and settle for anything less than pushing through to find joy again. This course can assist you to change your roadblocks into a springboard to new and abundant life.