Sep 12, 2013

So, I was up at 5:00 this morning  (late – half an hour late because my alarm didn’t go off!!) WHAAAATTTT…. annoying as I had set 2 alarms – my regular iPhone alarm PLUS my sleep tracker alarm  (tracks my hours of dream time J……) both failed me.

I woke up in a panic, checked the time, my other half says ‘ don’t worry, its only 5am’… hmmm…

Anyway – after a few minutes of extreme madness and my poor daughter getting herself ready in record time (from sleep to in the car dressed and smiling!) we were on our way to the gym for a 5:45am weights class.

My daughter, at 7 years old, has pretty much been raised in gyms… she doesn’t mind hanging out there… watching TV, playing the iPad and on the odd occasion giving a class I’m teaching a fair good go! She was teaching on stage with me at age 3 (Zumba that is…) bless her little cotton socks.

So this morning – after waking up late, downing a BioFurnace protein shake and racing to the gym – I arrived well and truly on time, if not a bit early (I think God manipulated the traffic for me just a little…).

I must be honest when I say, I’m not a morning person – I’m happy to get up at 6, but not that happy to be awake much earlier.. All is ok once I’m awake, but it takes a while for the energy to pick up. So my Thursday morning weights class isn’t my most energetic – let’s just say that I don’t usually set records in that class…. It’s the first of 4 weights class I teach over a 3-day period.

But this morning, something was different – the energy in the room was ‘special’. Maybe its because the sun was up before class started…. A nice change from the complete darkness we have been training in lately.

I was lifting the bar, and checking to see if I had the correct weight… 5k plates felt like 2.5’s…. what was this? It was as if I had become stronger in5 days. Who knows, maybe I have!

All-in-all I think we had a great class this morning – I went back for another 3 classes tonight.. Another weights class at 4:45pm.  I didn’t push myself too much as it’s legs in the ‘big girls gym’ tomorrow… can’t be hitting the squat rack with semi-sore legs from 2 weights classes now, can I?

Aaah – the stresses of trying to train myself when I’m training others 23 hours a week… I WILL do it! This has been my first week actually going to the gym for the sole purpose of training ME.

It’s been nearly 3 years since I have lifted properly. It felt good when I started Monday – standing in front of the mirror and actually doing some serious deadlifts….  50kg plus the bar… not as much as I used to lift, but it’s a start… and now I finally have my belt – I can get serious!

And the steam room after! I cant say enough about this… my 10 minutes of solitude…. Just me and the condensation dripping from the ceiling…. Pure bliss.

And on the note of getting serious – I’m going to bed – I’m a firm believer in 7 hours sleep minimum, and its now 10:41. Hmmm…. That’s not going to work out well!

Good night – and welcome to my very first MiMFiT Blog.