Avoiding Chocolate Overload

My goodness … I can’t believe that is it Easter already! It feels like before we know it, it will be Christmas again. How is one to survive all these fantastic occasions/excuses to eat ‘naughty’ food … like chocolate! Well, here are a few tips in case you need a bit of help 🙂

1 Don’t buy any for yourself

We’ve barely recovered from all that food from Christmas and New Years and now we are faced with … EASTER!  Yes, hot cross buns and all sorts of chocolates have been and still are right in front of you almost everywhere you turn. Do yourself a favour – and turn the other way! There’s absolutely no need to buy yourself chocolate – you know full well that people will be giving you plenty over Easter! No. Just because it’s on special does NOT mean you need it.

2 Regifting

Even if you listened to point one, you will probably still end up with a whole lot of brown chocolatey tempation that you don’t know what to do with. Regift! Simple! Out of sight out of your fat cells … and no money out of pocket. That’s a win/win I’d say.

3 Mindful Eating

So, you want to keep what you’ve been given and you want to eat it. That’s OK (unless you are being strict with your carb counting or you think that a small piece will awaken your addiction to sugar/chocolate back up again and derail you from reaching your goals). Take your time and eat MINDFULLY. Savour each mouthful, taste it – enjoy it. Understand that you won’t be eating this all the time, and this one small taste is enough.

4 Think of the consequences

Don’t let all your hard work and effort go to waste because you can’t put down or say no to the chocolate. Just remember chocolate is a treat, and for some people it is actually off-limits. You need to assess your will-power, your ability to stop at one small piece and know that you will be able to ignore all the chocolates that go on sale after Easter. If you’ve had that small taste of sugary sweetness that can be oh so very addictive, will you be able to say no next time?

5 Make your own healthy sweet treats

There’s a whole fascinating world of delicious, sweet sugar-free treat recipes on the world wide web just waiting for you to google them. Some are crazy complicated and use all sorts of strange ingredients, and others are quick and easy to make. Go on – google, and let me know what you find!

6 Willpower

You’ve got this! Whatever it may be that you decide to do, you’re going to SMASH IT!  ‘I will just have one’, ‘I will make my own’, or ‘I will just say no’ – whatever you decide,  STICK TO IT and you will feel fabulous for it. You aren’t depriving yourself, you are rewarding yourself.